So today I went into the Comedy Central offices for a while to talk to people (I'll write up an update about all that soon but everything is going fine) and I headed out the door around 4:30. Then I realized I left my iPod behind  (i'll lose that thing soon enough) so I went back inside to get it and remembered to call back a friend of mine who called me in the morning but I hadn't called back yet. So I left a message for her and then left again.

Anyway, I'm heading down 57th street bopping along and boom! There she is! The friend who I just left a message for! Trotting along. I did a little sneak up move and then sprang right into her path to scare her. We ran off and hung out for a half hour or so and got caught up on stuff. Twas coolio.

But stuff like that always makes me wonder. Aren't coincidences sometimes just too coincidental? When I trace the path... I went to leave. But I forgot something. And when I got back to get the iPod- I remembered to call. Then I left again. And then there she was? Timed out perfectly? In the middle of Manhattan? If I hadn't forgotten my iPod or remembered to even make the call there's no way we would have bumped into each other.  On top of that I was thinking about how nothing too interesting has been happening in What's Happening for a while and I needed something to write about... right before I bumped into her! So it was like double! or something...

Some people say there are no coincidences -so what does that mean? That there's some demi-god in charge of coincidences off somewhere planning weird stuff for us. Like sitting there and deciding to throw strange stuff around the world? Altering fate? For what? For why? For fun? Do the powers-that-be do stuff strictly for fun? Or is it all careful planning to keep balance and order in the universe? Or did I just happen to bump into a friend today and it's just a friggin coincidence... I dunno. Maybe. Who knows? No one. That's one thing I'm sure of.

ok bye!


PS. Here be some pics from this week..