Car Screech Sobering

So today I went out to do some errands. Post office, office supply store, bank and I picked up a Subway sandwich on the way back. So to keep me company on the walk back I decided to take out a bunch of things in my head that I've been worrying about and let them bother me. I haven't mailed out my taxes yet. I'm behind in a bunch of things I'm working on. This and that. General worries. Thinking I gotta go to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned which will be weird because my dad is a dentist but he retired and for the first time ever I'm going to like some new stranger dentist. Just basically piling on everything I can think of while walking along listening to my iPod.

Then all of a sudden I hear this superLOUD car screech like really close to me. Having my music on made me more disoriented and I really jumped. Apparently some dude was going for a yellow light then decided against it or saw the light at the last second or something and slammed on the brakes. It's not like I would have been hit by the car if he went through the light but it still jolted me and my heart was all racing and stuff.

I walked off and started calming down and tried to rethink about all the stuff I was thinking about before, and although I remembered some of it- the importance of any of it was drained away by the screech. Taxes, dentist, whatever, ain't none of that stuff stands up to getting whomped down by a car -and I realized 'freaking out' about general stuff was like frickin a waste and simply wasn't worth the worry. Fortunately or unfortunately sometimes it takes a good scare to get things back in line. To remember what's really important. And what real problems are...

Of course an hour later the worry machine turned back on full blast nagging me about taxes and stuff... like nothing happened just an hour ago.

ok bye!