Ou est Mon Langłagź Other?

So today I got a letter of the day from someone who speaks spanish and it reminded me that it sorta sucks that I don't speak any other language. I know there are people out there who say english is the only language anyone needs because they speak english everywhere now and whatever- but I just think it would be cool to be able to click into another language. To be able to be like blah blah blah... and blah blah blah like all in Spanish or even cooler Japanese or something. It would be fun. Plus chicks dig it.

I tried to learn one back in the day. When I was in 7th grade I started taking classes in French and continued taking classes through high school. Why I thought learning French over Spanish was a good idea I have no idea -but that's what I did. I seriously used to get horrible grades like 17% on tests. Terrible. I remember once I got an 8. Je suis un etude terrible? Mon tete un tres stupide? Ou est mon cheveux? I could remember words but I never got the grammar part at all. It probably didn't help that I didn't understand grammar in english neither. Preposition? Participle? Dangle? Adverb? Huh? It all went by me in school unnoticed and unabsorbed. So learning that in another language was out.

But I figured if I could just memorize all the French words eventually I'd know how to put them together right. Just like I did with english sort of. But I remember the last year I studied French I spoke with someone who was fluent in two other languages -and I asked how they translate stuff so fast in their head when talking to someone in another language. And he told me that he doesn't translate in his head. He actually thinks in the other language when communicating. That hit me like a rock in the head. And I never really realized that that was the goal. The idea of actually thinking in another language was at least 20-30 years away judging by my personal progress. So that was it. J'ai droppé Francais.

But I look at it in the same way as a Rubix cube thing. Some people did the whole cube all lickity split. Others.... didn't.

ok bye!