Late Night eBaying

So late late the other night I was screwing around on eBay trying to think of stuff I don't need but need to buy. And I realized that recently I smashed my last wine glass by accident. When you do dishes in the sink and let stuff pile up they don't last very long. So I went on eBay to see what's out there and there were all these expensivish wine glasses that looked highly breakable and I decided I needed something more durable. It was probably like three in the morning or something and I think I was foggy cause I put a bid down on some glasses and won em the next day.

I kind of wanted something different and durable but when they arrived today (one arrived smashed) I did sort of wonder what the fruck I was thinking. Because I open up this box and unwrap these glasses with roosters on them. Check em out:

They're kinda weird. At the time I bid on em they seemed really cool but with shipping and all I ended up paying like 20 something dollars for em. The thing that gets me about the eBay thing is I think about the idea of wandering down the street to a tag sale and seeing these four glasses and considering buying them but after seeing the price was over 20 bucks there would be no friggin way I'd frickin buy em. Maybe like $15 or something maybe. I gotta get off the eBay late night or at least remember to keep things in tag sale perspective before I end up with plates with piglets on em or something. Or maybe that would be kinda cool to have a farmyard dish collection.

But I do like my new rooster glasses and they seem like they'll live longer than the fragile nice nice ones. And three out of four ain't a bad start.

ok bye!