Neighborhood Sunday Serenade

So I'm sitting here at my computer and all of a sudden I hear some live music playing. Acoustic geetar. It sounded really close and I started wondering if maybe there was like a fair on the main street that I didn't know about. I like fairs because I like shishkebabs alot and it gives me the opportunity to buy really ugly stuff like this lampshade I got for $5.

Anyway I look out the window and see this dude sitting on his fire escape with his guitar in the building like directly across from me. I was like, 'Coolio!' some dude is like doing his thing over there. Good thing he didn't suck because you can't go out on the fire escape and sing for the whole neighborhood and flat out suck. Cause that would suck for the whole neighborhood.

But he was good so I figure I'd share his neighborhood singing with my neighborhood here.

Here's a picture of him doing his thing:

And here's a sample clip here that I recorded by putting my mic on the windowsill.

ok bye!