TiVo Review

So alot of people have been writing in asking if I like TiVo  (the TiVo people sent me a free one) so I might as well tell you the dillyo with TiVo. 

TiVo is great. It's not great because you can pause live TV which is coolio and fun and sort of a trippy experience. It's not great because if you start watching a show 15 minutes late you can pretty much watch it commercial free because you just fast forward through em. It's not great because it makes friendly noises and it's a friendly machine. It's not great because it can tell what kind of shows I might like and makes recommendations. To be honest I have no interest in that because I watch TV all over the dial from hunting shows to science stuff to sitcoms. I can pick my own frickin shows. Thanks anyway.

The reason why TiVo is great is it gives you one less thing to have to remember and one less thing to get upset about. Here's the deal. I watch certain shows regularly. I like American Idol. 60 Minutes. Simpsons. Saturday Night Live. And Hope & Faith. And I tell TiVo to always record those shows. It's easy to tell it. You just scroll thru the program guide and click record. And it does. So now I never have to let TV control me ever again! I control TV! Me! I don't need to rush home to catch something! I don't forget stuff and get pissed that I missed American Idol or whatever. I don't need to make sure I put a tape in the VCR to record SNL and figure out the stupid VCR if I go out on Saturday night. TV waits for me now! TV is on my schedule now! My shows play when I say so! And I can save up to 80 hours of stuff...

So TiVo gives is a real sense of victory over TV. Of helplessness from programming and the plots of the networks (which are eventually screwed btw because I barely watch commercials anymore). I realize that TiVo is expensive but if you got the extra cashish and are considering buying a major something. This thing rocks. There's alot of other dopey features to network up your place or whatever but I could care less about that. I live in an apartment. And anything that will keep me on the couch longer is dangerous.

And I'm not just saying this because they sent me a free one which was way coolio- but because they gave me one less thing to think about which frees me up to forget other less important things. And I appreciate it.

Sign up to win a TiVo if you want here. Good luck!

ok bye!


PS. I don't get monay from TiVo I don't take paid ads on the site because I don't want to be responsible for promoting products that I don't have personal experience with. That's why the banners on the site are all 'Officials'.

PS. I've never watched Hope & Faith.