Marketing In Iraq

I don't get it. I just read an article about the new Iraqi flag being announced and apparently it pissed off alot of Iraqis off cause it looked too much like Israel's flag or didn't represent the Arab feel or something. It's not great looking either...

WTF? I think it's friggin high time we got some decent marketing people down in Iraq! Who launches a major product without doing some market testing first? That's not the American way! Could you imagine Coke launching a national product without testing it up and down. If some dope at Coke thinks up 'Flounder Flavored Coke'. Coke would definitely do alot of frickin testing first to make sure it's going to go over before frickin launching it nationally! Why aren't we doing that over there?

Why aren't we using our second biggest strength and getting some marketing suits down there to start selling things properly. To fight the underfight. No corporate giant over here would launch a big new product until making sure it had a chance to fly. This flag was like a lead balloon. And it seemed like an easy shot to at least get some new national pride going..

We're experts in this kind of stuff? Why no homework? WTF?

Ok I'll get off my soapbox now. This just bugged me because the new flag seemed like an easy layup..

ok bye!


PS Here's smore stuff bout it.