Mad At the Window People

So I've been living here for like two years or whatever and the windows have always been dirty. I've been meaning to get around to windexing the windows (I did it once or twice but never like the outside side just the inside). Anyway I did spring cleaning like mental the other day and got super motivated to finally do the windows. I got my brand new windex bottle and a roll of paper towels and was psyched that the windows were the kind that fold down in. Y'know?

And as I got ready to spritz, I praised the window people. I praised them for improving windows. This folding in is such convenient access to the outside! It's such a great advance in window technology! It thought it would make my outside side cleaning experience so much nicer than like hanging half out the window tied to my fridge with an electric cord as a safety precaution. This way was nice and easy.

So I spritz away and wipe it away. And spritz and wipe it away. And notice something. The glass isn't getting cleaned. I figure maybe because they haven't been cleaned in so long that maybe the grime has like dug in... to the umm.. the glass? I didn't get it. So I really put my elbow into it. Then I try the front side again and it's simply not getting clean.

I squint and look at the grime and I see that the reason it's not getting cleaned is because it's not on the outside or the inside. It's inside the outside but not inside! Basically these windows are doublepaned with a space in the middle. Like an air sandwich with glass bread. Yknow? And condensation or frost or whatever got inside in between like permanently!

Look at this schmutz! It's in there for good!

My respect for the window people went right out the friggin window! Friggin bastards are selling windows that eventually become impossible to clean! It's not like they don't know! They know! They have to know! But they don't care because in the store it's so cool that they fold in! Who would guess that they suck! Plus they figure people will have to buy new windows sooner than later! As a matter of fact I'm gonna go over and look at the brand name to warn people! Hold on one sec...

Shoot! No brand name! It only says 'Patriot 84' along the side.

I'm gonna take a picture of the lock so you can at least see that. Hold on...

So that's what it looks like. I guess they were embarrassed to put their name on it. If anyone knows the brand name let me know. ALSO while I was there I found two more annoying things about these windows. First off they catch bulletholes easy... I got a bunch of these...whatever they are...

AND look at this thing that got in between! It's like a little malt ball or something! How'd it get in there? What is it anyway! Is it a spider egg? Ew! Good thing it's trapped forever in there along with the schmutz!

All I wanted to do is clean my friggin windows for springtime. Now I have to be annoyed at the friggin window people every time I look out the friggin window! At least for a little while...

Window bastardos!

ok bye!