Pictures for the Week -- April 25th

People seem to dig the pictures so I guess I'll try to make it a regular weekly or bi-weekly thang here. Here's this week:

Guitar guy jamming on the subway. He had a little speakerbox hooked on his belt on the other side. He rocked. Gave him a buck.

After guitar guy got off- a cop got on. It's hard taking pictures of people when you don't want them to know you're taking one. He was all loaded up with gear and a NY Post.

I took a picture while I was in the movie watching Mean Girls.

Mr. Bee in my kitchen. Big wasp or something. He got all mad and flew at my head right after I took this picture. So I ran out of the kitchen and haven't seen him since. Low level paranoia situation now. (look how dirty that window is...)

This car like totally broke right in the middle of the street. Click here.

Farmer's Market down the street. I thought about buying some flowers for my flowerbox and then said screw it I'll do it later.

I made friends with this doggie but when he realized I wasn't serious about adopting he started ignoring me. I'm thinking about talking to my landlord again. One more try to get a pooch in here.. :-(

That's it!