The Struggle to Get to Zero

So I have some debt on some credit cards and stuff. And when I was having problems getting my mail after I moved to Brooklyn- I missed a credit card payment then was late with the next. So what does my credit card company do? To help with my situation? Yank my interest rate up to 24% as punishment. I called them up and explained how I moved and was getting my mail sporadically for a month or so. They were like, 'Sorry to hear that. We'll bring the interest rate back down in six months.' I'm like, 'I'm sitting here with a dozen other credit card applications. How bout I transfer my balance over somewhere else?' They were like, 'Go ahead!' I was like, 'I will!' They said, 'Good!' I said, 'Fine!' They said, 'Go for it!' I said, 'I will!' They said, 'Good!' I said, 'I'm gonna go do that right now!' They said, 'Sounds like a plan!' I said, 'It is!' They said, 'We realize!' I said, 'So do I!' Anyway that trick didn't get them to lower my interest rate so I have to transfer the balance over to some 0% for six month dealio.

I've been unemployed for a frickin year but that doesn't keep the credit card companies for bombarding me with 'pre-approved applications'. It's like what frickin background check are these people doing when they're offering credit cards to people who are unemployed broke folk?

I was thinking it would be only fair to have one 'do-over' with credit cards. People who racked up bills should have a reset button that they can hit one time and one time only. Like a panic button. It would be a nice thing to reset the balance to zero. It really would. People talk about finances and investments and 5 year CD things and whatever. I'm like, 'All I want to do is get back to zero.' If I get back to zero I would be so psyched! Like a normal person again. Not having to pay minimum payments and play games with credit card companies. Just my money going where I want to put it and stuff. That would be most excellent. Is it my fault that for a while I didn't consider spending on credit cards actually spending money? It was like a different thing. Like poker chips in a casino. Like you know it's real money but somehow it just doesn't really register. I deserve to be punished for years on end due to one lapse in perception?

So I say to you Sears Gold MasterCard, I realize you get alot of calls from people telling you why they missed a payment. But my story was the truth. Maybe I should have realized I needed to take care of my bills even if I didn't receive them in the mail. But I didn't. And when I called you and explained why I had messed up stuff I was telling you the truth. So F-U for punishing the disorganized with yer 24% interest rate! And F-U for not believing me! And if you feel guilty about it -all you need to do is reset my card to a zero balance and all will be forgiven. It's the least you can do.

ok bye!