F Claritin *

So I've been having some allergy issues lately so I finally broke down and headed to the drug store where I was flatout assaulted by all the different brands of allergy sniffles drugs- plus their generic counterparts. It was a product mobscene. One brand that leaped out at me was Claritin. Their commercials always left some sort of nice impression on me so I decided to give it a shot. One box of Claritin was $5.99. I didn't really look at the box in terms of what was written on it or what was inside. It just looked nice. I just saw the pretty meadow or whatever so I suckerscammily went in on it.

Meanwhile I get on the subway, crack open this box, and  rip off one tablet --and this is what I'm left with:

There were just 5 tablets in this package! That lowermiddle one is just filler. Nothing. Granted it says 5 tablets on the box but who actually pays attention to stuff like that? I got sort of pissed at Claritin. How much could it be to go for the full 6 tablets? 2 cents more? Less? Five is not a number for packaging! 6-pack! 12-pack! Those are numbers! How much would it cost to be decent enough to not have to include the one blank space? How much could they be saving by not including some little tiny frickin thing to make it an even six?

So today I say F U Claritin! For your bogus crap 5 tablet packaging! And your pouring your money into marketing so much that you can't even afford a full box of tablets anymore! Next time go for the even six and be a decent company! You're a disgrace! I spit on you Claritin for your greed and for the fact that you sucker idiots like me who don't even read the box and fall prey to your pretty meadow! Maybe your tablets make people feel better but they also make them feel worse. Cause they feel like suckers! Like me!

If I had to grade Claritin I'd give it a big red F with a circle around it and then toss it back in their frickin allergy-free face!

ok bye!


PS. Here are some pictures for you. Although I said they'd be a regular feature I've decided to keep sticking them down here.

Here's an email I got from someone bout this :-(

>From: "Peter
>To: <oddtodd7@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Claritin
>Date: Thu, 6 May 2004 09:31:27 -0400
>Loratadine, is, on sale 20 for $5.99. 'Stead of bitching about it, exercise
>some personal responsibility, read the active ingredients, buy the generic,
>get the message across to the big boys in an effective way.