Reeve Guilt

So somehow I got on the Christopher Reeve Foundation mailing list and every few months they send me a gift. I think I sent a Christopher Reeve ecard a while ago and gave them my address over the net and since then I've gotten regular correspondence from the Reeves. Over Christmas they sent me a nice Christmas card wishing me happy holidays and a whole box of nice blank holiday cards. And they asked for a donation.Today they sent me a nice wall calendar. It said right on the big envelope. 'Limited Edition 2005 Fine Art Wall Calendar' enclosed. It's nice and stuff although maybe a little early for 2005.

I really do want Christopher Reeve to walk again. I'm totally all for it. 100%. But I'm starting to feel guilty for taking these gifts and not giving anything back. I do sometimes give to charity. In fact a couple weeks ago my buzzer buzzed and it was some chick from like the Fresh Air Fund or whatever collecting money. She was kinda cute so I invited her inside. I thought it was weird that she'd just come into my apartment especially because I was dressed all crazy and I look like I haven't shaved in two weeks. But I guess fresh air is a priority in her life. Anyway, we chatted it up and she told me about the nuclear power plant thing and the river stuff and whatever. I offered her something to drink and acted concerned about stuff in the hopes of maybe I could turn this around into a date. It didn't work out and she bargained me up to a $30 donation. I cut her a check and she left. I hope that helps clean a tire out of my river and stuff. I'm all for that too.

But it's getting a little tough to keep getting the stuff from the Reeves. Not only do I feel guilty about not giving but they make me feel like I'm stealing too. It's like, 'Yay! Free calendar!' Thanks Christopher Reeve! To be honest if I'm getting all this free stuff by sending an ecard, I'm a little concerned about what will happen if I actually do donate money to the Foundation. Once they have me on the hook as a giver, will I start getting better and better gifts? Like pen sets and sweatshirts? And if that happens, I'll either start to feel really friggin guilty or get really friggin broke.

ok bye!