So the other day I was on the street with a friend of mine and we had to go like 25 blocks to be somewhere and we were late so decided to take a cab. While trying to flag one down this crazy bike starting peddling by. I was like, 'Hey! Check out dat crazy bike!' I pointed at it and the guy peddling pulled over and said, 'Taxi!?'

We were like whoa! what the dilly?! Taxi?! The bike guy who had big muscle legs and had wrap around shades got off the bike and explained the situation. The bike could take up to three other people. Everyone has peddles but peddling was optional. Helmets were optional but seatbelts were required. He was all gung ho cycle guy and the bike looked excellente. It cost $1.00 a minute. He could have said $5.00 a minute and it would have sounded like a good deal to me. The guy was so enthusiastic about his taxi business (he's been doing it for years out in Fire Island and has been in NYC for 6 months or so) and I was psyched to contribute to his gig. 

So the two of us got in the front seats and he was behind us. We passed on the helmets (didn't wanna be all wimpy) and buckled into our seats. He showed us his watch to mark the time and off we went. We all were peddling. Straight thru Times Square. Everyone on the street was looking at us and taxi bike guy was saying hello to everyone. We'd weave in and out of traffic and he'd ring his jingley bike bell as we just cruised in the bike lane past traffic. Weaving in and out of lanes. It was totally excellent. People were taking pictures of us and stuff.

Anyway, it was a very coolio way to go through Times Square. And it turned out to be a fun ride ($15.00/15min total) but part of what made it extra fun was the bike guy was so super psyched about his job and his bike. I can't remember the last time I was exposed to someone having such a great time while at work. It was just coolio to see. We hopped off and gave him an even $20. 

Then he peddled off, ringing his bike bell and yelling out Taxi! Taxi! all smiley and psyched that he found his thing...

ok bye!


Here's ze bike guy and bike and the friend of mine. I would have taken more pictures but the battery died in my stupid camera (Olympus D-380). It eats those things like popcorn.