Omelet Error

So today I met some friends of mine out for brunch or whatever it's called when it's 1:00 in the afternoon and you're eating omelets. The brunch place was one of those where you can choose what kind of stuff you want in your omelet. I usually like mushroom and swiss and was gonna order it -but then I noticed one of the choices was 'chorizo'. I think I should have probably known exactly what chorizo was because I've seen it on menus before and have probably eaten it -but I wasn't exactly sure. I had it in my head that it was like spicy salami or something like that. So when the waiter came over I asked if chorizo was spicy salami. He said it was spicy meat but not salami. I figured it was in the salami family or whatever and I went with it. (And instead of home fries I ordered grits because my face is fat). Anyway, everyone else ordered normal omelets with good things like onions or peppers or scallions.

The omelets come out and they look good- except for mine. Mine looks gross. It wasn't fun salami slices- it was like gross sloppy joe meat all slopped in it. And the meat had a weird color. Not at all what I chorizexpected! Everyone else's omelets looked all right with veggies and stuff. I looked at mine and it looked yucky. People made fun of me and my gross omelet. But I whatevered it and thought maybe it would taste pretty good or whatever. So I started eating it and it was ok sorta but sorta not. It wasn't what I wanted. It just didn't need gross sloppy chorizo to be in there. I'd rather have nothing in there.

So I started like scraping it out but the chorizo would get all mixed in with the grits and my whole plate became a mess. I was sad with my omelet choice and my plate. People asked if I wanted some of their omelet but I refused. I had to deal with my gross chorizo omelet. I wanted my mushroom swiss omelet back! I should have known not to go outside the omelet box! I frowned at my plate. It was a sad omelet day.

ok bye!


PS! ARGH I just google imaged chorizo and it turned out I was right! They were wrong! Here's chorizo! WTF!