Roach in a Cab

So last night I was in a cab minding my own business heading home when all of a sudden I see crawling down the separation glass.... a friggin giant roach! In the cab with me! It was on my side crawling down the glass. I freaked out and tensed up. I seriously have a serious fear of roaches and I watched it crawl down the glass  with the legs that look hairy or spikey or whatever ew!- and then just fell down onto the floor (i heard it land. that's how big it was) and it disappeared into the darkness of the backseat.

I pulled my legs up off the floor and scanned around looking for where it went but it was too dark. I kept feeling things touching my arm or my leg and was brushing at myself in a panic. I felt something on the back of my neck and got all jerky in the backseat. I saw the cab driver look back at me in his rear view mirror. I was all jittery and crazy. I guess he assumed I was on drugs or whatever.

For five minutes I was mental thinking the roach was under my clothes (or skin) or on me somewhere. Finally we got to my street and I hopped out of the cab in a rush. As soon as I hit the street I shook myself off like a wet dog to make sure it wasn't on me anywhere. I didn't see anything drop so I assumed he's still cruising around in the cab. Hopefully.

But there's still a little side of me that thinks I brought him home with me somehow.

Uch. I hate roaches.

ok bye!