Colorblind Nephew

Ok this happened a little while ago but I'll write about it now cause I thought about it today.. 

A while ago I was in a chinese restaurant with my family and my nephews and we're sitting there eating spare ribs and the older one said, 'Uncle Tah! That guy looks just like you!' I look over and nephew is referring to this black guy sitting a couple tables away. He had glasses and was bald like me. I said, 'Oh yeah?' Nephew was like, 'Yeah he looks just like you, Uncle Tah!... but different.' I was like, 'Different how?' And nephew squinted at this guy and said, 'His glasses are different.' I said, 'Yeah our glasses are different. Anything else?' I was asking really based out of curiosity. Nephew stared at him a bit more then turned to me and said, 'I think you have more hair.'

I was amazed. Nephew literally couldn't see the color difference. I thought that was so coolio! Not sure if he's color blind or what but I thought it was coolio that he just was looking at everything but skin color. Twas weird because you'd think that was a given or whatever. But to kids a bald black guy with glasses and a bald white guy with glasses look the same. That's coolio. Oh well. This whole story is probably too touchy feely raced up but whatever. I thought it was a cool story and it's late at night and I'll tell you more stories later in the week.

ok bye!



Hey! Wanna see some pictures?

I was walking around in the village tonite in the rain and I walked by a 9/11 memorial. Alot of people sent in 'tiles' in memory of 9/11 and they were hung on a fence.

Here's what it looked like:

Most of the tiles were along these lines...

But some of em were sorta different so I took some pictures of some of the different ones thrown into the mix. 

Here they are:

Pirate and Fish and Sun

Freedom A-bomb Tree

Superheroes. I recognize the Flash. The rest..? maybe a hawkman batman situation?

Cedar Rapids biz checking in.

Acid Hippie Alien

Outback steak house remembers 9-11.

Good attitude tile from Megan. Sorta.

Peace Wave Cool ...Cat?

Japanese Proverb. I guess it makes sense.

With crazy crab bug!

Ok. So that's that?

I took this one on the way back. It was dark out.

ok that's that with that!

ok again bye!