Showerhead Issues

My shower is the only thing really disappointing about my apartment. My last apartment had a bathtub and I could like wander around in there for hours on end. But the shower stall in this apartment is all plastic with a curtain. Imagine how a shower looks on a boat. That's what my shower looks like. If I fall over in it the whole thing is gonna fall apart. It's small. I'm tall. And the showerhead is literally right at face level and the water pressure is way high. So I've been taking as quick as possible showers just because I feel like I'm being hosed down in a prison when I'm in there with the water blasting me right in the face. I like duck around it and do neck moves to avoid the face blasting.

Finally I get an idea today (granted this took me three months to think of). I wondered if there are like showerheads that go like up so the showerhead can be up over my head and not blasting me in the face. I go to the hardware store down the street and sure enough. They make em! I got this thing that looks like this but not all gold and stuff. I get back to my place and unscrew the showerhead that blasts me in the face and go to screw in the new one. But the screw part of the new one doesn't want to screw in to where the old one was. The new one is like too big or something. I clinked the two screwy ends together like five times to make sure it wasn't me but they really didn't fit.

I go back down to the hardware store and tell them how it doesn't fit. The guy there tells me it has to fit that there's really only one size for this kind of thing.  So I go home. And clink them together again. They definitely didn't fit. I grab the old showerhead and go down to the store with the new one to show how the pipe ends aren't the same size. The hardware store guy asked me if I was sure that there wasn't some sort of extra piece to take off from the old showerhead connection and I assured him that there wasn't.

Some kid behind the counter said that after work he would come up and take a look. That he does plumbing jobs and all that. So I waited around and around 7:00 the dude shows up. I show him the shower. He takes out his wrench and immediately unscrews this like extra pipe thing that was part of the old showerhead and screws in my new showerhead. Boom done. It literally took him less than a minute. He shot me a look that completely questioned my manhood and I definitely ashamed. I tried to laugh it off but he seemed serious about my unmanly display of unplumbability.

I asked him how much I owed him for his work and he asked me how much did I think it was worth. I'm thinking is this a $5 thing? Is this a $40 thing? How much to you pay someone to walk up the street and do something that takes less than a minute? I only had two $20 bills and was embarrassed to ask for change. I gave him a $20. As soon as he leaves I strip down and jump in my new shower. The water was over my head. It rained down on me. I was happy for a good 10 seconds.  Then I realize wait a sec. What happened to the water pressure? Sure enough this new frickin showerhead cuts down the water pressure totally. No more blasting. Only raining. Now I can't decide which I liked better. Blast in face or drizzily water on head. This whole experience sucked.

Ok bye!