Sat with Sat Nite Live Chicks

So the other night I was out having drinks with this dude I met via Comedy Central and he told me his wife was performing later that night at a place called Fez. He asked if I wanted to go. To be honest I wasn't really into it because he said she was like doing her solo with a guitar thing and I thought it might be Lilith Fairy or whatever. I usually don't dig that stuff and I didn't want the uncomfortable thing about having to find a way of telling someone they're good when in reality you were tortured by what they did. But I decided to go anyway.

I got to this bar which was cool and all dark downstairs in this restaurant and all that. We walk in and his wife is getting ready to play. She's got an electric guitar on so that was cool. We sit down in this big round booth and I sat at the end of it. Then he introduced me to the people in the booth. Two of the people in the booth were...

Rachel Dratch and Amy Poehler! 

They're two cast member chicks from SNL! I watch SNL pretty much every week so they were really super familiar to me. I guess they're friendly with his wife or whatever so that's why they were there. I said hello and then his wife went on. I was psyched when she started playing cause I didn't feel pressure to talk. I was all like freaked out like sitting there watching the show like, 'Holy macaroni! That's Rachel Dratch! Right there! Ok look over there! Sitting at my booth! Amy Poehler! Right there.' I know they're not like superstars or whatever but I see them every week and I think they're funny.


After his wife got off stage it was quiet. I was sitting there and I didn't know what to say. I wanted to be cool about stuff and not dork out by saying something dumb. I mean I'm cool right? I'm gonna have a tv show too or whatever and stuff, right? But I just didn't know how to act. Should I talk to them? Or are they gonna be annoyed by the bald freak who is in their booth for unknown reasons? They're both really funny. Will that mean I need to be funny to them too if I talk to them? Is it gonna be a funny competition? Should I tell them I think they're great? Or are they sick of that? Do people ever get sick of that? Is that like the cliche thing to say? Ask about SNL? Should I be cooler than that? I didn't know.

Finally I made a decision. To play it 'cool' by saying nothing. It was the easy way out. I really couldn't think of anything to say anyway and they didn't seem to interested in yacking it up with a stranger. They were talking with other people. So I guess that was the right thing. At least I don't have to live with the, 'I can't believe I said something so stupid uncool to Amy Poehler! Now she thinks I'm a dope!'

The good news is the guys wife was actually great for real so there was no awkward weirdness about having to be like, 'Yeah! She really knows how to play guitar! And those songs were like really umm..  different from anything I heard... ' Yknow that vague disguised uncomplimentary situation based on weirdo moral principle. She was real good so that was a relief...

Here she goes. Download sumthin if you wanna..

ok bye!