What's Happening Computer Override

So I sat down tonite to write up a What's Happening thing and I wasn't sure what to write about. 

At first I was gonna write about how I'm mad at US News and Weekly Report magazine. I've been playing duck duck goose with my 'news' magazines for a few years. I'll do Time one year. Then Newsweek the next year. And switch back and forth. So because I live on the edge I decided to go wild about a month ago and switched to US News and Weekly Report (I'm crazy like that). Anyway, I'm mad at them because not only do they cheap out totally on the paper quality so the cover arrives like half torn off each week -but it's also completely loaded with subscription cards. Like 6 loose ones per! Overkill! I'm like, 'Hey bastages! I subscribe! Now I got these things dropping out of my magazine all over the place! Go market elsewhere! You're annoying me magazine!' I know it's a common thing but US News is the worst violator ever!

But I decided that was sorta boring so instead I was gonna write about how last night I was out a bar with a friend of mine and I was drinking alot of margaritas. In the backroom there was this 'private party' going on. We were hungry so we snuck into this 'private party' and totally pigged out on the catering in there. It was some chicks like 30th birthday party and we just wandered in and started chowing. Good wraps and dips and stuff. The best way to do stuff like that is to walk in like you just walked out a second before and are returning and don't look around suspicious of yourself. That kind of attitude.

But that seemed yawny so then I was gonna write about how I went out the other day to buy more printer paper and made a few stops on the way. Subway, CVS, the bank, whatever. But my mission and what drove me out of the house was to get paper. And when I got back home I had my Subway sandwich and CVS stuff and bank stuff done. No paper. But that story was sorta whatevery.

So I was sitting here wondering which one to write about and all of a sudden totally out of the blue (so to speak) my computer screen went like this.

I took a picture of the screen for y'all.

I was a little freaked but when I restarted everything was ok. However I took it as a sign not to maybe not write about any of those things tonite. King Blue Screen Editor said nay to all those story ideas and that was that. And he's in charge.

ok bye!


PS. Oh wait! Here are the other pictures I had hanging out in the camera. 

Here's that same construction site that I took a picture of weeks ago. I stuck the camera thru the same port hole in the wall. They're doing lots of stuff in there.

Guys were working on the subway tracks. It looked really cool with the dust and the light but I was paranoid with the guy standing there so I tried to be quick about it and take it while he was looking the other way. It didn't work. I heard it's illegal to take pictures in the subway now. This picture can and will be used against me in a court of law.

So will that one...

This thing is in the lobby of an office building. I always like to go in and look at it. So I took a bunch of pictures of it.

Side view. Big penny.

These guys are sitting on top of the penny.

Here's what that guy looks like.

These two little ones are hiding behind the penny.

Love on 55th Street.

That's it for now!

ok bye!