Nightmare Causes Mask Purchase

So yesterday morning I had this dream/nightmare.

I was walking around in Prospect Park (a park here in brooklyn) with a friend of mine from college. All of a sudden people start screaming about how a nuke went off. So everyone started running out of the park and me and my friend started running with the crowd. Outside the park wasn't brooklyn though it was more like San Francisco all hilly and stuff. I look back over my shoulder and this huge cloud of white smoke is heading toward us. It seemed like the nuke turned into some kind of chemical attack. The cloud was megabig.

I remember thinking that it wasn't a real chemical attack. I imagined it was like fake magicians smoke or something. But just to be safe I decided I would swing by my other apartment (which was at the Melrose Place apartments from the tv show) to pick up a gasmask that I had stored there. The problem was I only had one mask so I didn't know how to tell my friend I was stopping off to pick up a gas mask. Anyway we get to Melrose Place and I tell him I'm just gonna run up and grab something. When I come back down the stairs I have the mask in my napsack and he said, 'What's in the bag?' And I said, 'Umm... Pistachio nuts...' Then I woke up.

In real life I've been eating alot of pistachio nuts lately but whatever. When I got out of bed I was a little freaked out by the idea of a big chemical attack so in my haze of early morning combined with paranoia I went online to see how much gas masks cost. I found this cheapee one on eBay that I'm sure does absolutely nothing but it was only $8.00. At the time I thought like, 'Hey I could take it with me everywhere I go so why not? Better safe than sorry or whatever. ' So I bought one.

Later on in the morning I realized paranoia done got the best of me... and I felt ashamed in a weird way.

Plus it doesn't really solve my problem if I'm out with a friend during a big chemical attack and they ask me what's in my bag?... Cause the pistachio nut lie is sorta lame...

ok bye!