Naked Mattress Flipper

So my mattress is like all saggy sag in the middle and its been bugging me for a while. It needed flipping. I probably haven't flipped the mattress in a year or more. So today when I got out of the shower and before I even got dressed I took a look at the mattress- and decided right there on the spot that I was gonna do the flip. I had a towel wrapped around me and wasn't prepared for heavy lifting but I figure I should take advantage of this weird burst of flip motivation because another year could go by before I could get all motivated like that again.

So I stripped off my blankets and pillows and sheets and just dove in on the flip action all mental. I grab the mattress by the end and I pulled it toward me then stand it up on one end on the floor. At that point my towel fell off. I'm holding this thing balanced upright. I look out the window (my shades are wide open) and basically I can see right into my neighbors apartments pretty much. So I'm holding up this mattress all flat against me- and I decide just to get it over with while naked. I spin the mattress around and then I planned to drop it flat on the bed. So I lift this giant thing and put one end on the edge of the boxspring and line it up and decided to drop it and hope it all lines up and doesn't crash into my nightstand. I ease it into the drop and it whacks against the ceiling light. I'm lucky that I didn't just let the whole thing drop freely or it would have smashed the light right out of the ceiling. Anyway I struggle to put the thing back on the floor and decide I'm gonna like slide it on. When I get it back on the floor it starts to slide out at my ankles and I have to be all hunched over to get it moving in the right direction. Not sure if any of these descriptions make sense.

Anyway the point of the story is this whole time I'm totally naked and like all bending and moving awkwardly and lifting or dorkily -and I just hope that my neighbors weren't watching this the spectacle of me wrestling with my mattress naked for ten minutes. I don't know how it must of looked- but I know it couldn't have looked good. Because if I saw something like that I wouldn't like how it looked for sure. (Fortunately no pictures on this one.)

The good news I'm glad I took advantage of the burst of motivation and put the flip to rest. The bad news is my mattress sags in the middle on the flip side just as bad :-(

oh well.

ok bye!