The Stain-Maker

On my couch I have a couch stain. I've had it for a while and I don't remember exactly how it happened but there it is staring at me all the time. Sometimes I flip the cushion and I get psyched when it's face down (no stain) but when the cushion get too mushy I flip it back over and there's the stain staring at me again.

Anyway the other night, I decided I was gonna get that stain off my couch once and for all. I go into my closet where I have a big box of cleaners and assumed I had a stain remover in there somewhere. I have Pledge, Fantastik, Comet, Carpet Fresh, Windex, some other stuff but no stain remover. But then I saw this stuff 'Spray and Wash'. Not sure when I bought it or why. But there it was- a full bottle of the stuff.

I glanced over the instructions and it said to spray it directly on the stain and then wash the article of clothing in the washing machine. Nothing bout couches or furniture. So me being a brainiac thought I would outsmart the product. I decided I was gonna spray the stuff directly on my couch and then dump water on it and it would be like a washing machine type thing, right? Like with the rinsing or something? I figure because Spray and Wash was a stain remover that worst case scenerio it just won't take out the stain.

Not sure what I was thinking but I spritzed a good amount of this stuff directly on the stain and rubbed away with a rag. Then I got a big glass of water and dumped it on the stain and then rubbed that in some more. I felt really responsible or something for finally taking action on my stain.

Needless to say my plan didn't work at all. In fact it totally backfired. It's now totally dry. and see...?

So that was that and tres stupido. My couch is now extra rooned! And now not only do I have a stain which is extra ugly but I have one that will mock me for being a cleaning dunce every other time I flip the cushion.

ok bye!



PS. I got this couch from Jennifer Convertibles and they ripped me off and I don't like them. Just fyi. Long story.