Sad Subway Night

So last night around 10PM I was heading home and went down into the subway. My train is the F and at night it runs like every 10-15 minutes or whatever. So if you catch it right away it's good. If you miss it by 30 seconds it stings. Anyway, I headed down the stairs and the train was just pulling up. So that felt good. I sat down and took out my book (motherless brooklyn) which I'm liking alot. After a minute the doors haven't closed and the conductor comes on and tells us through a squeaky staticy speaker that there's a delay. I whatever it and put on my headphones and read my book. I was proud of myself for reading a book.  I was proud of myself for not getting all annoyed.

Five minutes later we're still sitting there and I'm now officially annoyed. The doors are open and we haven't moved. My good mood about catching the train in time faded away. The train was pretty empty and I was sitting across from one couple and I started to feel uncomfortable because we were facing each other and the train wasn't moving. I felt like we should acknowledge each other or the situation.

The conductor came on after another few minutes and said there was some train broken down up the tracks and he didn't know how long the delay would take. I tried to go back into relaxation mode but I was getting frustrated. I wondered if I should head out and grab a cab and just get home. But then I'd be mad for wasting the time in the first place and the $2.00 on the subway. I tried to read but the announcer kept coming on to remind us that he didn't know what was going on.

After about 15 minutes of sitting there people got up and started leaving the train. The temptation for a change of scene was growing as I pictured a whole broken down train two stops up and me sitting there for an hour. I tried to resist temptation but after another another annoying announcement from an annoyed conductor I decided to bail on the situation and head above ground again.

When I was halfway up the stairs I heard my train say 'Stand clear of the closing doors' then there was that ding dong noise of the doors closing. I thought about turning to run but I knew it was too late and the sight of the train pulling away right in my face was just one annoyance too many for a simple subway ride.

ok bye!