Nephews 6th

So I went to my nephews 6th birthday party and it was alot of fun. There were probably 30 kids there and I got the job of spraypainting all their heads green, and/or purple, and/or yellow. The party had this like non-toxic hair color stuff and that was my job at the party. I was psyched to be the hairstylist. I had a little table and they'd come and sit in a little chair and we'd discuss their new hairstyle to be while I drank beer.

I'd say, 'Ok we got green spray and we got purple and we got yellow. We got stripes and we got spots.' And the kids were usually very specific. They'd be like, 'I want a purple stripe down the middle and then, and then I want green on the sides but with purple spots in the green!' So I'd do that. Then, 'Next!' Next kid would be like, 'I want purple and yellow spots all over my head but not in the back.' So I'd do that. Then, 'Next!' Next kid would say, 'I want all green! Oh! With yellow on this side!' That went on for a while.

After I painted all their heads the kids went off on a scavenger hunt and I relaxed in the hammock with another beer. My sister in law made up a scavenger hunt and all the kids were running around looking for stuff or people. One hunt assignment thing was, 'Find someone who draws cartoons and tell them what your favorite cartoon is.' So soon all the kids found out that I was the one who drew cartoons and they gathered round the hammock swinging it all yelling their favorite cartoon at me. Most of them liked Spongebob but one kid liked Hulk. He was adamant that Hulk was better as any good Hulk fan would. One kid asked me if I made Spongebob. I told him I didn't. He asked me what cartoons I did and I told them they were on the internet. After hearing I worked on the internet he pulled like a snobby snub and just walked away- like I was at an industry party in LA or something.

One other kid told me one of those little kid stories that kids start all big but don't really go anywhere because they forget the story like halfway thru but finish it anyway. It was like, 'One time! I was watching Spongebob with my brother and we were eating cereal and then the cereal got spilled on the floor but not all of it! So I kept eating it and my brother said he was gonna tell on me because I spilled the cereal but I said that I didn't and that he did and he said that he didn't but then after I wanted more cereal and Spongebob was on TV and so I went in the kitchen and got more cereal but then I didn't spill it...' I was like, 'Ok... cool!' I didn't realize the story was over.

After they ran off to search for more things I relaxed back in my hammock with my beer and watched the greenheaded purpleheaded wild ones running amok all over the yard. The party was fun and that was pretty much that with that.

ok bye!


PS. Oh also the littler nephew got a tick on him but he was very brave while my brother took the tick off him.