So I've had my iPod Mini for a while now and now it's friggin broke and I'm pissed! I haven't had it for so long that it should be all broken now. Apparently there's a problem with the minis getting all statically and broke. Mine does that now. It's staticy and broke. When I play music it gets crazy static and I have to slap the thing to make it stop. I first I thought my headphones blew out but once I realized the actually mp3s were playing slower and faster under the static I knew it was the friggin iPod.

There's a bunch of reasons it bothers me and here they are:

1. I haven't started researching what I need to do to get Apple to fix this but I know it involves more than me doing nothing.

2. I of course have no original packaging or receipts so I'm hoping that's not necessary cause I ain't got it.

3. However long it takes I won't have music to listen to on the subway for however long that is and I'll have to listen to the thoughts in my head instead.

4. This is my first experience with an Apple product since my Apple II Plus and now I'm soured on Apple.

5. I finally got the iPod organized (originally I just dumped all my mislabled mp3s in there and I've been busy weeding) and I bet they're gonna have to format the thing before fixing. (not sure why I assume that).

6. When I do get it back I'm gonna feel like I need to be all gentle with it or something and I like throwing my electronics around to toughen them up.

So that's the story. I'll letcha know how it goes or if anyone has had experience with the iPod static thing please post it below.


ok bye!