Downgrading Upgrades

Ok. It's official. I think upgrading any software is a total mistake.

Back in the day, new versions of software were amazing. Things would be tweaked. Cleaned up. Simplified. And look cooler. Fun! But now all sorts of programs I use (Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, FrontPage, Kazaa, Snag-It,  Final Draft, AOL IM, Win-Amp... whatever) get totally downgraded when they get upgraded. They simply get worse or completely unnecessary or more stupider. Maybe real powerusers who use every bit of their programs can appreciate new versions because it has that extra "thing". But for someone like me who just uses the basics I keep finding myself missing the older program that I tossed aside for the new one.

I honestly think the problem is alot of these programs are simply finished. They work as good as they're ever going to work. Sure you can reduce the size of the program or maybe tweak the speed or something but at this point who really cares anyway? I think these companies are putting new versions out because that's what they do. That's how they make money. It's not their fault. But these programs aren't being improved anymore. I think they just do stuff to have an excuse to change the version number or whatever.

I'm not excited for new versions of software anymore. I'm scared of em.  On top of it with new software, the functions I use most often keep getting buried further and further behind fancy schmancy graphics or extra steps. Why?  Maybe the new interface changes are simply a matter of personal preference by the weirdo programmers- rather than real market research in terms of what functions are most popular for the average person. Cause alot of times the little things I like the most get lost. They wreck my style. Maybe they think I'll be more motivated to buy the next version in the hopes of putting things back the way it was? And on.. and on? I dunno...

Ok so this was a nerdy rant but I just want to say that I think the old-time term really applies to software at this point. Simply put,

'If it ain't broke... Don't fix it.'

ok bye!


** alot of people sent me this link! it's coolio!