Somewhat Disturbing New Talent

So in the last couple weeks I discovered a new talent I have. I can take pretty much anything and put it on top of my head and it balances easy. A mug of beer. A CD case. Cordless telephone. Bottle of water. Whatever. I just put it on my head and it just stays there. The problem is it's not because I have some crazy sense of balance. It's not because of my cushy hair because I have none. It's because my head is so friggin flat that it's like a shelf. A big flat shelf.

My head is extra large to begin with. When I wear a hat it's on the last hole snap but only recently I discovered it's very flat. Just like the world used to be. I guess it's ok but I wasn't happy to find out how flat it really is cause now I feel like frankenstein. I just tested it with a glass of water I'm drinking right now to make sure I'm not making this up. I'm not. It's not like I have to find a center or balance it like all jenga or whatever. I can put it up there and the first spot it lands I let go and it stays. :-( I can even move my head around and it's not even a threat. It's like a countertop. It doesn't look that flat but it is apparently.

Oh well. Maybe it'll come in handy one day. Just one of those things. So now I have two body talents. Flat head tricks and this thing I can do with this one finger.

That thing. My dad can do that thing with the exact same finger on the exact same hand. That's sorta genetically creepy. Oh I can put my big toe in my mouth too. So that's three! Not sure if that one really counts as a trick though. Maybe it's just two.

As you may have guessed it was a slow weekend.

ok bye!


PS. I know it's been too long since I posted pics. Camera going with me everywhere this week. Pics by weeks end fer sure.