Superhero in Train-ing

So this weekend I took the train out of town and headed to the beach to meet up with some friends. It was nice. I took my shirt off in front of people (which was a big step) and went in the water.  Then I drank alot of beer. Then I fell asleep at 10:30PM because I'm such a big party guy. So not too much excitement there. (Other than the fact that when I walk down the beach, the difference between girls in their 'underwear' and girls in 'bikinis' is like almost zero for me so that's pretty fun.)

But anyway, on the train ride out of town I got to be a superhero. I was sitting there minding my own business eating guacamole doritos (they're just ok) and the train pulled into a stop. The doors open and after like 10 seconds and I hear an old lady yelling, 'Help! Someone help me please!' To my surprise I sprang into action and went to the doors and on the train I see this old lady with a bunch of packages who was nervous about stepping off because the gap between the train and the platform was pretty big and uneven. Like maybe almost a foot across and the height of a curb downward. (it was an uncool distance in her defense). And she didn't want to take the big step with all the packages and all. Meanwhile the buzzer was going off that and the train doors started closing.

So I got superheroic and jammed my hands in the doors just before they closed. One on each door. And pried them open again. They don't just pop back open you gotta fight em. Then after they opened up I put one foot on the platform and one on the train and kept my back to the doors to prevent them from closing again. Then I took the packages from the lady and set them on the platform one by one. Then I helped her off the train by holding her hand as she stepped off. A conductor came by right after but by then the situation was under control.

The doors closed and I saw the old lady gather up her things and look up at me. I gave her a superhero nod like, 'Just doin my job, ma'am... just doin my job.' And as the train pulled away I was proud of myself for being so springy into actiony and being all superhero-y fighting the train doors and stuff. That was coolio.

Then I went back to my seat and returned to my alter-ego. The mildmannered dork eating guacamole doritos and reading Star magazine.

ok bye!