Baba's Blankee

So my grandma (Baba) who passed away years ago was big on knitting. When I was a little kid she knit me up this blankee here:

It's sort of got alot going on colorwise but I dig it. It's been with me since I was a little kid. The blankee went with me to college and from apartment to apartment and all that. Wherever I went, I took it along with me. Sorta like Linus but I never went outside with it or anything.

Anyway, the other night I ordered Last Samurai on the pay-per-view and get under this blanket as per usual- when I realized something... This blanket has never ever been washed. Ever. It's like probably 25 years old and it's been kicking around collecting dust forever but here it is and it still looks pretty good. I smelled it and it smelled a little musty but not bad or anything. It's not dirty. It's not stained. It's not fraying. It looks just like it always looked. You'd figure with everything that went on, at some point I would have been spilled on or it would get a rip or a burn hole or something. But it's still in perfectly fine shape.

I don't think I could wash it at this point cause what if something went wrong? I would be all mad at myself for washing it for no reason. I mean, just because it hasn't been washed in 25 years doesn't mean it's dirty I guess... or is it? I dunno. I guess I don't really care. It does the job just fine and I ain't screwing with it.

I have to admit that me mentioning how excellent and fine this blanket makes me a little nervous that I might have jinxed it -but I doubt it. This blankee is all sorts of tough old world old school. I have to assume it's immune to jinx... because it seems to be immune to everything else.

ok bye!