Conductors Conducting Mood

So yesterday I was on the subway and the conductor came on to announce the stop. He spoke clearly too. It's always nice when they announce the stops because like half the time they don't bother. But this particular guy went on to say the date and the time and wished everyone a good weekend. I was really happy that he announced the date and time of day (not only because I wasn't aware of either) but it reminded me of the rare conductors that add a spin of niceness to their job.

Whether train or subway or whatever it's always coolio to come across a conductor who goes the extra mile just to be nice. When I used to live outside of the city and commute in there was a conductor who would enter every car and stand there and give the full weather report in a booming voice. Like the weather man. It would be thorough down to the humidity percentage and all that. Sometimes he'd get applause. Another conductor dude was like Tom Cruise in Cocktail with his equipment. Spinning his whole puncher like a cowboy and locking it back into his belt. Flipping his book around. Real flare in his tearing. He was fun to watch. Once I saw a conductor singing the whole time he was punching tickets. Old school songs like 'What a Wonderful World' and stuff. He had a pretty good voice too.

So yesterday when I heard the friendly conductor or motorman or whatever get on the announcement and speak clearly and cheerfully announcing the stops and letting everyone know the date and time and wishing good weekends, I wondered about the impact of that simple act. How many people sitting on the train who may have been in a bad mood were brought out of it a bit by this guy. If it put me in a better mood, could it have affected say 60% of the moods on the train? (just a guess no hard data to support the percentage). And if 60% of people on the train were put in a slightly better mood how did that affect them when they got off the train? Were they friendlier to the person at the coffee shop? Cheerier? Slightly? And if so was that person at the coffee shop a little cheerier and cheerier to other customers? And so on and so on.


I guess that would be nice.

ok bye!


PS. I realize this is like that dopey movie Pay it Forward but this is different cause it involves trains and more people.