Subway Gripes

I love Subway (even though I ate at one in midtown recently and saw a roach. gross) but it annoys me sometimes... actually often.

I went there today and the three most common things that annoy me about Subway happened. Here they are:

1. Initial Order Spaceout

I'll went in and ordered  "One foot long turkey with swiss on white bread". The guy turns around to get the bread then he looks back at me and says 'White bread?' I'm  like, 'Yeah.' (thinking...white bread! yes! like I just said literally 2 seconds ago!) He comes back and puts the bread in front of him and says, 'Six inch or foot long.' I was like, 'Foot long.' (thinking,...just like I said 6 seconds ago.) Then he slices the bread and says, 'What do you want on it?' I was like, 'Ummm... Turkey...  with swiss...' (thinking, like I said 9 seconds ago!)

Basically the guy behind the counter heard nothing from my initial order. Zero. Not one thing stuck from when I first ordered, 'One foot long turkey with swiss on white bread'. I'm not one to brag about having a good memory but you'd think one thing would have stuck. But nay.

This happens like 30% of the time at subway.

2. Can't Understand 'A Little'

I like mayo on my sandwich and just a little bit of mustard. Just a little. A smidge. So when we get to that part I'll stress it. I'm like, 'Mayonaisse with just a little little bit of mustard. Just a little please.' I always stress it on the hopes that a little will translate. But nay. It's almost always a big globby squeeze of mustard all over the whole thing. Same as the mayo. While the glob is being globbed I'll be like, 'That's good! That's good!' trying to stop it halfway but the reaction time is usually slow and the sandwich gets covered with mustard. I should probably should just drop the mustard part but it's like a challenge now. Can I communicate "a little". Should I say, 'Teeny weeny bit" and humiliate myself that way? What does it take?

I get too much mustard 80% of the time.

3. Random Ringup

Most of the time I get exactly the same thing at Subway. I used to get only veggie sandwiches but now I get turkey with swiss and chips and a large soda. The problem is it seems everytime they ring it up it's a different amount. Sometimes it's like $7.07. Sometimes it's 7.65. Then it will drop down to $6.80. Then back around to $7.25. I've learned to give up on trying to figure out why it fluctuates. It's like a crapshoot. (Also when I give them my club card for the free sandwich the cashier always reacts like it's the first time they've seen it.)

So those are my gripes with Subway. Oh sometimes the ice has weird stuff in it.

Ok now I'm done. I still like Subway lots but those things keep coming up.

ok bye!