Survey Stunner

So today I was sitting around minding my own business when I got a call from someone asking me to take a survey. I kind of like taking phone surveys to be honest. I get interested in the angle and what they're going for. But once I get the angle I usually space out and just answer questions yes no yes no whatever not really paying attention. It amazes me that survey information has any value. Don't the survey people need to specify that the info comes strictly from 'nutty folks who have the patience to take surveys'? Doesn't that mess up the numbers? I mean how can they trust us? Of all people!

So this call comes in today and I agreed to take the survey. Within 30 seconds I'm immediately not interested because it wasn't about a product. I like product surveys only! Damn it! This was about cable tv and sports! Anyway, guy starts prying into my feelings about sports in general. At first I answered honestly telling him that I was a Rangers fan but not a big baseball fan and whatever. But then he just kept going on and on AND ON AND ON. I asked him how much longer till it's over and he told me 3-4 minutes. 3-4 minutes later I asked him how much longer and he told me 3-4 minutes. At that point I was annoyed. I wanted to hang up but I felt guilty. The guy is just doing his job. If it sucks that bad for me to listen it must suck superextra to have to spend the day repeating it. But that didn't stop me from making up answers to entertain myself. I told him I was a huge WNBA Liberty fan but never watch the games. I told him that I watch ESPN everyday but could care less if they took it off my cable system forever. Stuff like that.

The questions seemed to be centered around some dispute between Time Warner and the MSG Network or something. I couldn't imagine how this survey was worth anything to anyone.. Blah blah blah. The questions all seemed to be onesided and each question was so extraordinarily painfully long that they were impossible to listen to. I was so impressed by the length of these questions that I put the guy on speakerphone and taped a single question for you.

Here it is for your nonjoyment. Stunningly dumbingly numbingly.

ok bye!