Walking Down the Street with a Big Box on Top of my Head

Today I walked down the street with a big box on my head. The dudes at PostedPoster.com were generous enough to send me one of these. And I needed it totally. I have yet to get furniture for the room with the TV and what I do is take the cushions off of the couch in the main room and put them on the floor in front of my cardboard box coffeetable in the TV room. It's really not as bad as it sounds. But it is sort of a pain. When people come over to visit I have to say, 'Wait, let me get the couch cushions from the other room.' And then when we wanna watch TV I say, 'Grab a cushion. Let's go.'

So that Foof chair thing is perfect for me. I sit weird indian style alot and it's great for that. Anyway the chair was shipped to my old PO Box which is like a half-mile down the road. I pick it up today and the box is the size of like a big TV set box. Totally square. Except it's relatively light. 35 lbs to be exact. But it's awkward. I drag it out of the PO box place and there I am on the street with this big box. I'm like thinking, 'Well how the hell am I supposed to get this home?' There's no bus that runs. I refuse to call a cab for a half mile. All my friends in the neighborhood like.. work. So I try different ways to carry it. I carry it in front of me like the beer guys at Yankee Stadium. Then I try the one handed approach holding onto the plastic strap and walking with like a big limp. But I kept burning out after like a half a block. 

Finally I hoist it up onto a parking meter and then put it on my head. This was by far the best way to carry it. I felt like one of those women in like some country somewhere who walk around with like a big basket on their head. Like this lady. And the whole time I'm thinking, 'Why the heck don't more people walk around with more stuff on their heads around here?' I mean once you get it centered and keep it balanced with your arms, you're good to go! Have I been missing the carry things on your head thing this whole time? I don't think it's common around here. The looks I was getting from people made me feel like I was definitely not common. But it's great. It doesn't hurt your neck so much and it's kind of fun (I'm sure that wears off fast. In fact it pretty much wore off by the time I got home) But it's SO much better than on your back like a big hump or in front of you giving you the insta-scoliosis. On your head is the way!

All I can say is I highly recommend it. And I thank the generosity of the PostedPoster people because they gave me two gifts today. One is a great TV chair (leopard skin) and two, the new knowledge of how easy it feels to walk around with something on your head.

ok bye!