Avoided Punchy and Got Niece

Last night I was walking home by myself late night and the bars were pretty much clearing out the stragglers. The streets were pretty much empty. 

A very drunk angry guy walking ahead of me was weaving all over the sidewalk and pulling over now and then to beat up anything beat up-able. A bag of garbage got stomped and kicked all over the place till all the garbage was everywhere. Then he stumbled over to a box sitting on top of another box and boxed with them like boxer. Then he kicked it a bit. Then he clotheslined the top garbage off an overflowing garbage can. Then he sidekicked a mailbox then he did it again with the other foot. This guy was way drunk and mad and picking fights with everything on the street. I followed him and played a mental game with myself trying to pick out what he would beat up next. Would he have the balls to go for that abandoned wooden chair? How bout that motorcycle? Is that gonna get the kick over? Maybe this? maybe that?

I followed him for a while then he kinda ran out of stuff to beat up. The streets were clean and I didn't see much else that seemed very beat-up able. Garbage bags here and there but there wasn't anything new. All of a sudden it dawned on me that there was something probably really easy to beat up on the street. Something that wouldn't put up much of a fight. Maybe even less of a fight than the mailbox. Me!

On that realization I immediately crossed the street and got away from Punchy. I felt dumb that him turning on me didn't click in sooner. But I watched him from across the road continued to wreck stuff here and there as he went along. Drunk off his ass and punchy but far enough from me to enjoy him at an unpunchable distance.

I got home and passed out and woke up to the phone ringing like four hours later. My sister-in-law had a baby! I'm uncled up again! This time a niece! Girl in the hizzouse! So that's way coolio. I trekked out to NJ to meet the new one on her first day. While at the hospital I thought about how it was weird that just hours before I was avoiding a Punchy wandering in the streets of Brooklyn- and soon after I was holding a brand new baby that wasn't even in the world when all that was going on. 

Strange how scenes change from hour to hour.

ok bye!


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