Mini Adventure

So I was sitting around here working on this and that and I looked at my clock. 6:40PM. I reminded myself that the laundry place closes at 7:00 and I should go pick up my stuff. Fine. 6:45 comes and goes. 6:50. At 6:55PM I finally rush motivate, grab my wallet and head out the door. I don't know why I always have to be last minute with everything but whatever. I walk in and the lady tells me that my laundry didn't come back today. That my stuff will be back tomorrow.

So I was all mad. Here I went and totally motivated (1/2 block walk) for nothing. As I headed back to my place I patted myself down for my keys. But I didn't feel any keys. Hmmm. Maybe the reason being ... they were in my apartment! I friggin suck! I did it again and totally locked myself out. F**k! How hard is it not to do this!? Especially when there are extra issues!

Extra Issues:

1. My landlord is away till August 10th so he's definitely not home and not coming back soon. There aren't any other tenants in the building.

2. Before he left my landlord left me the name of someone on this street who has a spare set of keys just in case. That person's name and number is also in my apartment. Next.

3. Locksmith. My front door has a superlock superbolt on it and I learned from a previous lockout experience that you can't pick it. A locksmith would basically have to bust it off. Expensive and bad. Not good.

4. Cell phone lifeline. I thought about calling my friend who used to live here to see if he still has the name of the neighbor with the keys. However I did not have my cellphone with me and my friend's number is on my cell. If I called information for my friend's number, realistically there was still only a slim chance that he would still have the info, AND another maybe is the idea that the neighbor may not even be home. It all seemed shoddily longshotty.

I stared at up at my apartment so amazingly pissed at myself for doing this. I couldn't believe I f**ked myself up this way! I started thinking about what I had. Flip flops. Shorts (no underwear). Shirt. Wallet. Ok. I knew if push came to shove I could survive for a while. Maybe I could crash on a friends couch till the 10th?

Finally realized the only resort was the last resort. Bother a neighbor, ask if I can trek through their apartment to their backyard, scale 6-8 ft fence in my flipflops, jump down into my landlords backyard, climb a two-story metal ladder attached to the building which leads to the 3rd floor deck, walk across the deck then climb up the fire escape from there, THEN pray my window isn't friggin locked because if it was locked I knew I was going to be smashing my flowerbox (it's growing grass and weeds nicely) through it to get back inside. 

It was the only way. Luckily my neighbor was home. It was nice to meet her. I treked thru her apartment, up on a table, over the fence, up the ladder, across the deck, up the fire escape, and through my mercifully unlocked window. Phew.

So now it's 7:22 and I'm done writing this. All that went down within 20 minutes. Weird mini-adventure. Kinda fun. Seems almost worth it for the hell of it.

But only almost really...

ok bye!