Bad Bathroom Business

I don't have a garbage disposal which sometimes is a problem. Especially when it comes down to half-eaten soup or cereal. Like, last night I was eating Alphabits with Marshmallows (excellent cereal) out of this dog bowl. (I bought the dogbowl while ago (long story) but it turns out a dog bowl makes a nice cereal bowl. I'm not grossed out eating out of my dog bowl as a dog has never eaten out of it. :-( To me it's just a good sized bowl)

Anyway, I was about 2/3rd of the way through and got sort of fed up with the Alphabits and a little grossed out from the milk so I wanted to dump it all out. The problem is I don't have a garbage disposal and although occasionally I'll stuff stuff down the drain, I'm paranoid that it's gonna clog up or they'll be bugs coming out of the drain all creepshowy and if that ever happened I'd have to pack up in horror and move away right then and there because it would be so over over here.

But if I poured the cereal right in the garbage, not only do I have old milk sitting in my garbage but if the bag leaks I'll have garbage juice all over. So I finally decided to handle things in a new way. I headed into the bathroom and looked in the toilet. Why couldn't I dump the cereal and milk in the toilet? I wondered. Something seemed so wrong about it but it seemed so simple and easy and smart. It's just cereal and milk. I'm sure the pipes and sewage plant could handle it. So what was the problem?

So I poured the cereal and milk in... and got completely grossed out. Something about the toilet water turning that color with the gross cereal floating around in it really turned my stomach. I'm not sure why it was so wrong. Was it the slight splash of water when I poured? Was it just the way wrong usage of the toilet? Was it that weird new interaction with the toilet? The whiteish color? I flushed immediately and got the hell out of there.

I sat back to watch tv still a little disturbed about it and made a decision to avoid doing that at all costs in the future. Because I think if I ever get used to it, I bet I'll be plunging half-eaten sandwiches and apple cores down there in no time. Maybe not, but it seems like a risky business to take care of garbage business where other business seems like the only business that should be practiced there. I dunno...

ok bye!