Local System Outrage!

A while ago I wrote about how I was sick and tired of the circulars that get thrown all over my steps almost daily. Well today was the final straw! With restaurant menus! Usually restaurant menus get slipped under the front door or stuffed in by the doorknob! But today I got home from walking around doing alot of nothing to see that some restaurant literally just tossed a bunch of their menus all over my steps! I looked up and down the street and all over everyone's steps were menus! Menus blowing in the street! Menus just tossed in the wind! This restaurant didn't even have the common decency to stuff em in the gate or under the door! Disrespectful! They were tossed all over my steps in the same way Mr. Hand would toss an F-level report about Cuba right in Spicoli's face! Or something! Uch! I'm not even sure what that means!

Anyway! I stormed right in my apartment, picked up the phone and called 311! (311 is a relatively new most excellent service in new york where you can call up and ask any question city-related. it is super great.) I asked the 311 lady for the name of my local councilman! I got the number and called the office and spoke to his assistant or someone! She said she was well aware of the problem but because of the Constitution they can't be stopped! Freedom of expression! Express a big mess I say! I say hey! Nay! I wasn't having none of that!

I told her how I was crazy and planning to take down the names of all promo-litters and making a bashing flyer of my own! And blanket the neighborhood demanding the community boycott their establishments for their littering ways! She asked me to please not do that! She told me to call a local group called the Boerum Hill Association! She said they handle local community stuff I don't know what! Gardens and stuff or street fairs! I don't know! Who knows! But I got the number and called it!

I told my local association lady that I was outraged by the amount of crap everywhere! On my steps no less! I told her how they must be stopped! She said she's been trying to stop them but it's just one of those things you can't stop! She sounded like she's heard this before many times! How come this is so difficult for a community to stop!? We can't stop litterers?! Isn't that rule number 2 in a community?! No littering! Right behind rule number 1! No Murdering! Which is understandably first! People seem to stop that most of the time! She suggested I call the restaurant that distributed the flyer and tell them to stop! So I did! I picked up the phone and called! I told the guy who answered the phone that whoever distributed his flyers was making a mess all over my neighborhood! He told me that he was upset to hear it and would certainly put a stop to that! I told him thank you! He said you're welcome! And then I hung up!

And that was that!

ok bye!