It rained really hard today while I was outside so I took some

Rainy Day Pictures!

and here they are! with names!

I call this one: Red Bike in Rain Under Scaffolding

I call this one: Sidewalk by the Sea

I call this one: Sidewalk by the Universe (without the flash)

I call this one: Boring Traffic Picture

I call this one: Turtleshell Sidewalk

I call this one: Swirly Garbage Swampy Sewer

I call this one: Magical Sparkly Waterfall Sewer

that's it for now!

ok bye!


PS. I bought a new camera because my old camera has been flaking on me bad and the new camera got delivered today but I wasn't home so the UPS guy ignored this sign on the gate to under the front stoop that says PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE PACKAGES UNDER THE STOOP THANK YOU and he/she just chucked it over the top of the gate.


I don't have a key to open the gate and it's just like a little alley way under there. My landlord is still away so there it will sit in a friggin puddle until he comes home. Thanks UPS! I called and complained but whatever. 

I was so pissed I couldn't even be bothered to take a decent picture. Yay!