Remember a while ago I wrote about how I was pissed off at Apple because my iPod broke and had static. Well last week I finally checked into fixing it (yes it takes me that friggin long to do anything like that) and I gotta admit Apple done real good.

I went on their site to see what I needed to do. Although it took me a while to figure out their dopey site I finally found an online service request form and filled it out. I told them what was wrong with my Apple product and they said they'd send off a box that I should put the iPod in and send it back to them. Sure enough like a couple days later the box arrived. I open it up and its got spongy packing material pre-cut to fit the iPod and they included packing tape strips so I don't even have to use my own tape. A nice touch.

I put my iPod in and dropped the box off at the Airborne place (prepaid label). One day later I get an email from Apple telling me they received it. Then a few days later I get another email telling me that the box had shipped back to me. The box arrives and I open it up and there's a brand new friggin iPod sitting in there. Done and done.

I bash Apple sometimes because I think some Apple people are mental over Apples with how great they are. But I gotta admit the customer service was probably the best I've ever seen from a major company. So I figure I gotta give them their fair share (especially after all the recent suckiness with the delivery company fiascos who are care less bastardos)

Now if Apple could avoid shipping defectoids in the first place maybe they'd be all set.

ok bye!