Ashamed of D&D

No not Dungeons and Dragons (although I probably played that for way too long with my level 12 wizard named Urandos with his ring of invisibility and cloak of whatever). 

Dine and dash. The other night I was down the street at one of my favorite places with a friend of mine. We ate some dinner and settled the check then hung out outside at a sidewalk table and had a few drinks each. The night goes on and on and we're badly hitting on chicks or whatever. It gets sort of late and our waitress takes off for the night and she tells us someone else will come around for us. No one does. Waiters and busboys walk by and we keep asking for the check but we're like totally ignored.

We were a little drunk I guess or whatever because after few attempts to get the check and waiting with no one even bothering to do anything for us and our waitress gone. I got sorta mad because I go to that place alot and spend money there. So we just up and bailed out on the check. In my head I have this policy of walking away from places if I have to fight to get the check. I never really acted on it but for bunch of drinks we were like screw it. So I did. I figured they'd forget or whatever.

A couple days later I head back to the place with this chick and the manager guy who I'm sort of on a 'Hey! How are you? Good to see you' relationship level pulls me aside and calls me out on the skipped check. Here's how it went:

Manager guy: Hey, umm.. did you skip out on a check the other night?

Me thinking: (Ok think fast. Act like you forgot. No! Act like you did pay! No! Act like you thought you paid! No! Act like you don't remember anything. No! Deny! No! Just don't act like you did it on purpose!)

Me: Yeah I totally did. Really sorry about that. We tried to get the check a bunch of times and nobody would bring it so...

Manager guy: So you just left?

Me: Yeah. I guess... we just left.

Manager (sorta surprised): Well we gotta settle up.

Me: Umm ok... Just put it on this next check.

Then I went to sit down all humiliated for being a dope who skipped out on a check. I had to explain to the person I was with that I ran out on a check the other night and that's what that conversation was about. The whole night the manager guy sort of looked over at me weird and the waitstaff treated me weird (i think). On top of it it was one of my favorite local places so now it's all tainted and roont because now I'm all criminal...

So lesson learnt: Don't dine and dash at a place you like unless you want it to get all tainted and roont.

ok bye!