Reading Glamour Magazine

I went and got a haircut this morning down the street. This woman Maria cut (razored) my hair. She had a Pomeranian calendar displayed and I asked her if she had a Pomeranian. She does and the dog's name is Chiquita. Chiquita is paper-trained and is friendly to people she knows, but does get a little skittish around strangers. But that's only because she is small and scared sometimes. Maria also has a parrot named Paquita. Sometimes Maria will bring both Chiquita and Paquita on the bed together and let them play. They get along fairly well but occasionally they get in a 'snap and peck fight'. But neither are really serious when they go after each other.

After five minutes or so our barber/customer conversation kind of fizzled and I grabbed the copy of Glamour magazine that was sitting on her counter. It's been a while since I read a chick magazine. I read an article about which bathing suits are right for this summer. I read a step-by-step breakdown of the various ways to remove hair. I read something about 'how to get a man' which included recommendations like going to the hardware store and walking around with a 'call me' business card type thing. Also lots of sex stuff including help in getting women to not worry about how their stomach or thighs look during sex. Trust me. During sex ain't no guy thinking about nothing other then, 'I'm having sex! This is great! I'm having sex! This is great! Then a little 'uh huh huh...uh huh huh 'boobs'...  then back to- 'I'm having sex! This is great!' So put your worries aside that we're thinking about anything more specific than that.

Then it got into weight issues. How to lose pounds. How to gain pounds. Making your butt bigger or smaller. Boob stuff. Then it went into hair issues and how long a haircut will last (10 weeks maybe) and how to get a couple extra weeks out of it by changing the style. Then it got into makeup, horoscopes, how to please your man, general beauty tips, toenails, some celebrity stuff and on and on.

It made me realize everything chicks have to think about extra. For me, in terms of fashion, my big turning points in wardrobe was someone telling me I shouldn't wear khaki pants with pleats anymore. Or finding out a sweater that I have is too 'high school' (maybe because I got it when I was in high school). And in terms of bathing suits. I have two. I've always had two. They might be 'out'. I really am not concerned. And for everything else for a guy with no money, no hair, and no reason to wear a suit any real concerns about fashion and beauty are pretty minimal.

But according to Glamour there is alot more to think about for women. And apparently it is constantly changing. The expense of keeping up in must be difficult. New clothes, new makeup, new skin treatment things, with the haircuts and all that, and the craziness with shoes. It just made me realize how right it is that guys need to pay for more stuff on dates and stuff. Just the cost for the woman to get ready for the date probably doubles the dinner bill.

I walked out of there with my new $10 haircut, a new appreciation for the benefits of being a guy, but also feeling a little jealous about not having a dog like Maria. But then I realized she has other concerns too so I guess it all balances out.

ok bye!