Wonton Misinterpretation

So last night around midnight I got a hankering for some wonton soup. I wander down the street to this place China Hong which is usually open till around midnite. I get there and they looked liked they were getting kinda ready to close.. Chairs being put up on tables and stuff. I walk in and here how the conversation goes:

Me: Hi!  One quart of wonton soup, please.

Chinese lady: One quart ok right?

Me: Right.

Chinese lady: We closed you know.

Me: You're closed?

Chinese lady: We closing.

Me: Umm.. So no wonton soup?

Chinese lady: One quart you want?

Me: Right.

Chinese lady: Ok.

(then she yells in the back in chinese. then she turns back to me.)

Chinese lady: You're lucky for wonton soup we closed.

Me: Umm... Oh?

Chinese lady: Not ready.

Me: Oh ok. Would it be better if I ordered like fried rice or something?

Chinese lady: Yes.

Me: Ok then.... One quart of pork fried rice.

(she yells in chinese to the back again. then starts to ring it up.)

Chinese lady: Fried rice and wonton soup.

Me: And no wonton soup.

Chinese lady: But you order wonton soup!

Me: I was only ordering fried rice if it was easier than the wonton soup.

Chinese lady: It is.

Me: Ok then let me have that.

Chinese lady: So both wonton soup and fried rice.

Me: No one or the other. I thought if fried rice is easier...

Chinese lady: It easier! But we do both.

Me: Ok just the quart of wonton soup then...

Chinese lady: (officially annoyed): You know we closed. What you want?

Me: One quart of wonton soup please.

(she stared at me like I was screwing with here. then she yelled in the back for an extended period of time which made me nervous because I thought they might be special instructions for my soup. the guy yelled back with some kind of question and she answered then she turned to me and smiled.)

Chinese lady: Ok have a seat!

Me: Ok...

She gave me the wonton soup after just a few minutes and I wandered home wondering if it was me that was crazy or her. I felt bad because she did seem nice. It was sort of like a verbal thing like when you're walking along and someone is walking toward you and you can't get out of each others way.  You keep going side to side at the same time, yknow? So that was that. The soup was good. I ate it while watching Kimmel.

I just hope it wasn't 'specialized' in retaliation for my possibly misinterpreted attitude problem or whatever the hell that was all about. But I doubt it. Right?

ok bye!