Adult Swim Downtime

Today I headed out NJ to go to the local community pool with my nephews and niece and the family gang. I was psyched for the pool because it has a big swirly slide and two diving boards. Me and the older nephew both dig the slide and 'diving' so that works out well. I was pretty much the only adult going down the slide but I was up down up down up down up down it alot. I'd wait on line shivering with the kids in between turns. And when it came down to the diving boards I showed off my repertoire of cannonball, awkward flip, and run off waving arms and legs crazy halfpike twist. We tried a synchronized dive which was cool it being the olympics and all. I guess one of the benefits of being an uncle and not knowing the other adults is I can act like a dope or whatever and totally not care.

When it came time for the first 'adult swim' (when kids have to clear out of the pool and give adults like 15 minutes or whatever) my nephew said to me, 'Time to get out of the pool. Adult swim.' And I was like, 'I don't have to get out the pool. I'm an adult! ' The pool pretty much cleared out and I stayed in and he sat on the edge. My nephew was like, 'Unca Tah, you can go on the slide all you want! No line!' I had the slide and the diving boards all to myself totally. But I declined. My enthusiasm for going on that stuff without the kids there was like nil. Somehow I think a big bald hairy grown man going up and down the slide all happy or jumping off the diving boards by himself during adult swim wouldn't really be fun and cute anymore on any level.

I might be able to still act like a dope with the kids no problemo which is coolio ...but as an adult I still know where the lines are drawn... and that's probably a good thing.

ok bye!