Outside Worldly

So last night I was gonna take a break and order up chinese food and watch some limpics. But when I had the phone in hand I somehow got the motivation to air myself out and go outside. So I left my apartment to head down the street to sit in a restaurant with a book or whatever. 

I headed into this place that I've never been to before and I sat down at the bar and opened my book. A few minutes later this asian chick sitting two seats over started talking to me. So I closed my book and we talked about this and that and I found out she was a graphic designer from Chicago that graduated valedictorian in her class but seemed to carry some guilt because her parents forced her into overachievement and to a certain degree she rebelled. She said they'd prefer it if she was a doctor and not a graphic designer. The restaurant had interesting bar food and she suggested I ordered the smoked ham which was good and I ate it.

Soon after a guy came in and sat down at the bar. He seemed somewhat friendly with the asian girl and the bartender. He informed us it was his last night in Brooklyn. He explained he was living with a girl and he was in love but she didn't love him anymore and threw him out of the apartment so now he was driving cross country with all his stuff. He was all love crippled and stuff. It was kinda sad but he seemed psyched for a new start out West. I cheered him up a little I guess with some jokey philosophy. 

Then I started talking to the bartender he asked me what I did and I told him I was an animator. He was in school studying digital film or something and I started talking about some of the issues I have when I produce freelance stuff for the tv. Talked all geek talk and I learned some stuff from him about transferring stuff from flash to video and producing stuff for tv with the this and that. He knew alot of stuff and I got some good tips bout stuff and stuff.

The chick who owned the bar came in later. She was kind of hot. She seemed really proud of her bar and told me that she was a pastry chef too. She gave me some olives and suggested I try some smoked eel. The olives were good but I got grossed out by the eel. The owner was complaining about how she never gets to see movies because she's always busy with the place. I told her about my matinee thing at like 11AM with the bagels and wasabis and how no one cares if you eat food in the theater. She seemed really psyched about that. Then she forced me to eat the garlic that was in with the olives. So I did and it was good.

Soon the guy who was heading west asked the asian chick if she "had any weed". She did and headed to her apartment (which was right upstairs) to get some and then they went in the back garden to smoke up. They came back like 15 minutes later all high on weed. Some other people sitting at the bar started chiming in and we all talked about nothing. Then I left.

When I got home I was kinda psyched that I went out because sitting at the bar was a lot more entertaining than I would have ever gotten sitting home making moo shu pork pancakes and watching some limpics (regardless of how well someone 'sticks the landing'). It's kinda coolio getting snapshots of other people's who shebangs just from wandering outside and sitting down somewhere.

Although tonite I'll be staying in eating the moo shu and watching limpics for sure. I think alone in the outside world for me is more of a treat than a lifestyle.

ok bye!