Quest for the Best Tuna of All Tuna

OK. So today I went food shopping and decided to give a new brand of tuna a try (recently I wrote about how I had a big falling out with tuna). I didn't know which one to go with so I bought four different kinds. I figure over time I'll just try a different tuna until one strikes me as impressive enough to officially become my new tuna. I haven't ruled out BumbleBee- but I'm looking for maybe a new brand because I think I'm mentally tainted on BumbleBee.

So as I search for new tuna if you have a favorite tuna that you think I should try and you stand by the tuna and think the tuna you like could become my new tuna- please send me a can of said tuna and I will put it in the rotation and eventually decide which tuna is the best tuna of all. So it's sort of a tuna contest with me being the judge (who also gets free tuna out of the deal). But think about how happy it would make your favorite tuna if your favorite tuna wins! (not the actual tuna fish of course as he isn't happy no matter what) Also keep in mind I know there are fancy schmancy tunas out there that might be really good but I ain't paying no $7 for a can of tuna on a regular basis. Pricing is factored in for the winning tuna. But feel free to send it to me the $7 can of tuna anyway if you want because I'd like to try a $7 can of tuna.

It may take me a while to sample all the tuna but I am setting a goal of September 21st to give myself time to declare which tuna is the best tuna of all tuna!

ok bye!


If you would like to send tuna please send it here:

Odd Todd's Tuna
PO Box 187
New York NY 10014

Thanks! I will update this section with a list of tuna as/if I get sent any:

Tuna so far:
Season Solid White Albacore Tuna in Water
StarKist Solid White Albacore Tuna in Water
Progresso Light Tuna in Olive Oil
StarKist (pouch packaging) Chunk White Albacore Tuna in Water