Bird Here Now * *

Update: Sad news. So-so died. He seemed peaceful laying on his t-shirt nest when I found him. I'm glad I took him home and at least made him comfortable for the last couple of days. Instead of laying in the gutter alone he had a couple days of being cared for when he needed it most. Now he's up in pigeon heaven flying around doing stuff so that's coolio.  Thanks again for the all the good wishes and advice.

Bye So-so. :-(

Here's the So-so story if you haven't read it yet:

So today I was walking around doing errands and I saw what I thought was a dead bird in the gutter. It was all lying there weird. Wing out and stuff. I stopped to look at it because I got that morbid fascination thing with stuff like that. I'm staring at the bird and all of a sudden the thing opens its eye and looks at me! I got freaked out. It was like weird zombie bird! or something and got the hell out of there.

But a half-block later I realized it was uncool leaving the bird there like that. I went back to double check on it and make sure it wasn't just my imagination. It wasn't. The bird was alive. I didn't really know what to do. There's a vet office around the corner so I headed in there and told the receptionist that there was a hurt bird around the corner in the gutter. She told me they didn't deal with gutter birds and gave me a number to call. Said they might deal with birds.

I decided I couldn't leave the bird in the gutter like that. So I went back with a ripped plastic bag and scooped him up in a little plastic bag nest and brought him home. I put him in a box with a t-shirt and water and a few sunflower seeds and called the number. It was some animal center that told me that they didn't deal with birds they gave me another number. So I called that place and they told me they didn't deal with birds either but gave me one more number to call. The third place was pretty far away in Brooklyn and they told me that I would have to take full financial responsibility for the bird and that they took credit cards. Who knows what that would cost? It seemed extreme.

So I've decided to keep the bird here and give it water and food and try to fix it up. I don't really know what to do really. I tried to give it water with an eyedropper but it didn't seem to want any.  But he's here. And he's breathing. He has water and food if he decides to make a go of it. If he doesn't at least he's gonna shove off from a better place than the gutter. So we'll see.

Right now he seems so-so. So that's his name. So-so. If you know stuff about fixin birds click here and post please.

ok bye!


Here go So-so:

So-so seems to be doing better today! He ate some of the wet bread I left in there for him and he seems more alert. His leg is definitely messed up but he's more active and stuff. Thanks for all the great advice on what to do with him. The coffay/sugar/water combo seemed to help too.

Tomorrow I'll really work on finding the right place for him. Everything seems to be closed on Sunday. But that's the news of the day. Go So-so!