Nerdly Ghost in the Machine

I've had some weirdness going on with the electronics in my apartment for the last couple of days. It started the other night with my tv. I was flipping channels and then I'd settle on something and put the remote down. Then like 10 seconds later the tv would flip back a channel or two. And I'd sorta look around and pick up the remote and click back. I kinda wrote it off as a digital cable weird thing and forgot about it.

Then yesterday I was on the computer surfing around looking at a websites and reading whatever and all of a sudden it would be like I clicked the back button on the browser. But I didn't click 'Back'! I'd be like, 'What the...?' and click forward and a couple times it just clicked back again. And I'd be like, 'WTF! This is just like my tv! Is there like some weird back up radiowaves in here or something!? Maybe some sort of tricky electronic radiation gamma rays floating around in here?

The last straw happened twice yesterday. I called in to my bank or whatever and it was one of those automated systems and I was listening to the choices waiting (forever) to hear which one I wanted, then all of a sudden I heard, 'Not a valid entry'...I was like 'huh?' then later it actually chose a selection on its own! It like pushed 5 or whatever!  I didn't hear like the button pushed or anything. It just like jumped on its own somehow. That's when I started to get a little freaked that I have some sort of electronic ghostly nerd prankster living in here.

Am I so nerdy that I only get haunted by some nerd in my technology and stuff? Am I not cool enough to have doors slam or chairs move? Or moaning and chains rattling? Something to brag about?

But then again, I guess having a ghost that's a big nerd is probably better than a 'cool' ghost that makes the walls bleed and touches the back of my neck and stuff..

ok bye!