Dumb Camera Better for Dumb Me

So I decided to go all out recently and buy a new camera. My old one the 'Olympus D-380' kind of got on my nerves because there didn't seem to be enough settings and stuff and it only held like 20 pictures and it was all big. So I bought this fancy Canon Elph camera. I was kind of psyched to go out clicking with a new camera.

The first thing I did was rip the thing open and charged the battery. I was a little nervous that it had one of those chargey batteries because I always forget to charge stuff. My iPod is always dead as is my cellphone and my regular cordless phones. They only get charged when I pick them up to use them and they're dead and I get mad. 

Anyway, I start taking this Elph around with me and have a hard time figuring it out. There's all these settings and stuff. The whole thing was super confusing. There were 'symbols' for everything but none of them made sense. It was like hieroglyphics. I finally break down and start reading through the manual to try and teach myself how the friggin camera worked. I hated having to read the manual. I'm anti-manual. And this manual was super awful. It didn't describe anything right or it would say like "see page 33" and then I'd go to page 33 and I couldn't even find what it was that I was looking for. I got really frustrated and decided to try and teach myself just by screwing around with it alot. 

But I didn't like this new Elph. It felt weird. I always doubted it was set right. It took too long to click the picture after I pushed the button. I'd be like, "Go... GO!" and then it would click. I want my click a right away click! No click delay! Other stuff was a pain in the ass too. The whole thing was just too fancy schmancy or something. I'd do something on the wrong setting and things would be out of focus. On top of it, more than once I'd be outside and the battery would die. No real advanced warning. Just 'battery low' then one minute later dead. Plus the memory storage wasn't that great. I figured I was gonna have to buy an extra battery and another memory card or something. I got pissed at that too.

At that point I started missing my old Olympus. It was a dumb camera. It took AA batteries. It didn't have tons of settings. It was dumb for dummies like me. It didn't know anything except how to take pictures and burn through AA batteries. Finally I realized this new fancy Elph camera wasn't for me. I didn't like that I had to buy extra things. I didn't like that I had to remember to charge the battery. I didn't like... it.

So I put the thing up on eBay and ditched it. I took like a $47 loss but it was worth it. Now I'm back with my big bulky dumbo Olympus and happy again. 

I don't have a bunch of new pictures but here's a couple for now. Now that I'm camera settled more will come soon.

This is a weird cat I saw with bowie eyes. It was hard getting a picture of him cause he kept looking away.

And this was on CNN last night. They were talking about Iraq. The graphic 'Iraq is a Hard Place' seemed particularly 'duh'.
And if they're spoofing 'A rock and a hard place' I still say that's duh to CNN. Don't try and be clever, dummies..

And yes I am aware that my TV from 1984 sucks and I can't read the crawls good.

ok bye!