Moved. Now Mail Missing

Hi Y'all-

Is it me or do I just attract large screwups? First Verizon, then Time Warner Cable and now it's the frickin US Postal Service. Like a good boy I sent through Change of Address forms so the mail I received in my old Manhattan address will be forwarded to me in Brooklyn. I've been here now for two weeks and have received about three random forwarded letters. That's it. No magazines. No bills. No nothing else. 

Plus because of my cashing out my 401k and not taking taxes out of unemployment I needed to have an accountant do my taxes this year cause I was confused. He sent my tax return to my old address. This too is lost in the mail system. I need to send those in on Monday! Ouch.

It's really upsetting because I used to be such a firm believer in the US Postal Service and now apparently no one can help me. I called my old post office and they say they forwarded my mail into the 'CSS' which is supposed to send it to my Brooklyn post office. My Brooklyn post office tell me they got nothing there for me.

Both post offices seemed totally confused as to where the mail could be. So now I have to get in touch with the mysterious 'CSS' to figure out what's wrong.

My mail it seems to be lost in oblivion. Including my frickin tax return. All of this bothers me extra because I felt I was being so responsible by getting my taxes done a couple weeks early and putting the change of address through and all that. Instead if I saved everything to the last minute as I usually do everything I'm sure would be fine. Less learned... procrastinate always.

Oh well. I'll let you know how it goes. And if anyone out there is getting my mail let me know! Apparently it could be anywhere!



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