Receipt Force Rant

So the other day, I cleaned out my wallet because it was getting big and fat again. It was filled up with random receipts and I went thru them trying to remember what the hell each one was and what the hell I was thinking whenever I bought whatever it was that it was. Then I started throwing them out one by one unless I needed them for whatever reason. But as I went through all these receipts (restaurants, ATMs, office supplies, UPS store, deli stuff, all the typical stuff) I realized that 90% of these receipts are straight out garbage. I do get to write some stuff off (being unemployed is a business of sorts for me so some are keepers)-  but for the most part they're all trash.

I'm officially sick of receipts! Not sure if it's like this everywhere but in nyc every place for every thing there's now a receipt. If I buy a .25 newspaper in Grand Central I get a receipt. If I buy a cup of coffay. Receipt. They stuff it in my hand with my change. And I take them and take them and take them. ATM spits one out. I take it. One place called 'Pax' in midtown actually has a sign up that says something like, 'If we don't give you a receipt, your meal is free'. No friggin thanks! What kind of policy is that? Receipts by force! I also noticed alot of receipts still print my credit number IN FULL right on the friggin scrap of paper? How bout using some xxxxx-ing out you bastards! It's 2004! Figure it out! Stop being all namby pamby about my personal info, you f**ks!

So for now on unless it's a receipt that I need I'm leaving it behind. If the woman at the coffay place hands me a receipt with my change. I'm dumping it on the counter for her to throw out. If it's a restaurant, I'm leaving it behind with the check.Why do I need to take it anyway? I'm not organized enough to catch little mistakes. I am organized enough to catch $20-and -over mistakes (probably) but I never match my receipts to my statements. I'm just not like that. If I protest the charge they'll have to produce the receipt. Not me! So why I need it?!

Yeah maybe I'm disorganized and societalistically immature! I'm just tired of them! If I was more motivated I'd print out my own receipts and hand them to unwanted receipt givers when I buy things from them! See how much they like it at Pax when I hand them a piece of paper that's worthless along with my $3.00 for a muffin and coffee! I'll ask if I need a friggin receipt for a newspaper! No receipt first! Stop assuming you're doing me a favor! Now leave me alone receipt givers! I'll let you know when I need you! Stop filling up my wallet with garbage!

And yes I'm in a mood tonite! So there!

ok bye!